Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Christmas Crafts

I love crafts. Especially Christmas crafts. I used to have a bunch of things I've made for Christmas, but as I have mentioned before, most everything, except for our Christmas tree and Willow Tree nativity (the figures only- we lost the crèche), were lost in the flood. So this year, it was almost like starting over as far as handmade holiday stuff goes.

So, I've been working on things here and there. And instead of going into the little details on each one, I thought I would just share them briefly in one post.

I made these trees with natural jute wrapped around foam cones. I think I bought all the supplies at Hobby Lobby. I had seen several ideas on different blogs and Pinterest which led me to making these. Btw, if you have not checked out Pinterest, you must! It's a crafter's dream!

The word art in the frame I found online. I love free printables and the people who come up with them and are willing to share on the internet for free.

This little block nativity I made with a scrap piece of 2x4 left over from one of Hubby's projects. I spray painted it off white, cut the black vinyl image with my silhouette cutter and then wrapped a black ribbon around it.

I got this black plate from Hobby Lobby and cut the white vinyl image with my cutter...

I have these items on top of my fridge.

This is my simple centerpiece I have on our kitchen table. I just glued cinnamon sticks (from HL) around dollar store candles and placed them in a little ceramic dish I found on clearance at Target with berry sprigs, again from HL.

This one is just like the centerpieces we made for the Hubby's squadron Christmas party which was also inspired by stuff on Pinterest. I offered to pay the wife who brought a ton of mason jars, but she let me just take a few. Apparently the lady they just bought their house from in town use to can and left all her jars in their basement and what she brought was not even close to half of what was left in the house. So I took two (the other one I had on hand), bought some little trees and wreaths from Hobby Lobby, and picked up some epsom salt from walmart and used the jute I had from earlier projects for around the lids.

I just think these are so cute.

Last craft, I promise, are these little wreaths...

I saw these on Pinterest (link is HERE) and I had all the supplies (shower rings, yarn, hot glue and ribbon) already on hand so I made them.

One I hung on my little candy jar full of red and white mints. (Oh and I made that jar- well I just glued the container to a candle stick- both were from the dollar store.)

The other wreath I have hanging from the lamp in our front room.

There you have it- my Christmas crafts. I have more on my list, just not sure when or if I will get to them. :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Christmas Wreath

I made this wreath a couple months ago...
Well I just made the burlap flowers to go on the grapevine wreath that I bought at Hobby Lobby. And those flowers have clips on them so I can change them out for the different seasons if I choose to do so.

This is what it looks like now for Christmas!

I found these little pinecone/berry pics with a bird at the dollar store...

and they already had a clip already on the back!

So I just took off the old burlap flowers and replaced them with two pics/clips. (I only wanted one bird so I took a bird off of the other pic.) I love that cute little red bird.

It turned out pretty good, eh? Well I think so anyway.

I still have it hanging on my mirror, too, because really I just like it there.