Monday, November 7, 2011

Knock Off Head Bands

A couple weeks ago I was shopping for clothes for Little Thing 2 and Little Thing 3 in the Children's Place. I had outfits all picked out and then picked up a couple headbands to accessorize. Little Thing 2 loves wearing headbands lately. Once I got home and really looked at one of the headbands, this one...

I realized this would be way easy and cheap to make at home!

I found these plain headbands at the dollar store... (some come in packs of two!)

And I already had these rhinestone gems on hand...

Got the good ole glue gun out and VOILĂ€!

Little Thing 2 was pretty excited about these...

They probably cost me about a buck a piece compared the $3 a piece at TCP. Not bad!

I'm linking this to:
Someday Crafts
Tip Junkie handmade projects

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sick Day Crafts

Little Thing 2 was home sick yesterday so I did not take Little Thing 3 in to town for preschool so that meant I had some spare time, in between changing out the bags in the throw-up bucket, at home.

I reorganized my craft storage armoire and in the process decided to do some crafts.

First I covered these little holder thingies on my fridge...

And these magnets as well...

I used modge pog and scrapbook paper and made them look like this...

I found the little holders at the dollar store just before school started. I use them to hold box tops and coupons and other little things. The magnets I found at Walmart and I have the perfect size circle punch to fill the little indented circle area.
The paper I found at Hobby Lobby and it matches these other glass magnets I made a while ago.

Next, since I took down all the Halloween stuff ( I can hear the hubs saying, "THANK YOU!"- he's not a fan of Halloween) I thought it was time to have some Thanksgiving stuff up.

I found this cute printable at A Step In The Journey.

I printed it out and out it in a $ Tree frame. I made the little burlap flower and hot glued it to the frame.

I wrapped burlap with some jute rope around a glass hurricane ($ Tree) and put some ($ Tree) flowers in it.

And I moved some of our outdoor pumpkins inside...

Definitely more of a fall Thanksgiving look.

As much as I hate having a sick child at home, it gave me some down time to do these fun easy crafts.

Little Thing 2 is doing much better today, btw, and is finally keeping liquids and crackers down. She will probably be well enough to head back to school tomorrow. :)